Dairai Shrine

Dairai Shrine being located in Ohya district was built on the top hill of Raiden-yama ancient tomb in 859.

The shrine’s deity is Ohikazuchi no Kami. People living in this area suffered from many droughts. Owing to the drought, village people used pray for rain with Ohmikazuchi no Kami, a deity of water.

Between 1789 to 1801, the dedicated Sumo wrestling match was held in this place.

Two sumo champions in Edo period were participated in the match and its votive picture was denoted for the shrine.

The seat was arranged by using slope of the ancient tomb. 

As botamochi rice cakes were serviced to audiences, they called the sumo match as Ohya’s yBotamochi sumo.

Prior to Edict on the Separation of Shinto and Buddhism issued, the shrine was named as Raiden Daigongen.

In the shrine hall, plane wood sculptures have been displayed produced by Iida Iwajiro, a son of Iida Sennosuke.