Hiki family

Hiki family was a leading figure in Kamakura shogunate established by Minamoto Yoritomo. Hiki no Ama (a nun) of Hiki family was a wet nurse of Yoritomo.

Minamoto Yoritomo’s father, Yoshitomo was defeated by Taira family and killed. Yoshitomo’s third son, Yoritomo could escape the crime capital and burnished to Izu peninsula for 20 some years.

Hiki no Ama kept on supporting to send foods and cloths for over 20 years. 

When Minamoto Yoshitomo suppressed Heiko family and established Kamakura shogunate, he hired Hiki family to repay Hiki no Ama’s favor.

Hiki family was trusted by Yoritomo and after Yoritomo’s death, Yoriie succeeded Kamakura shogunate.

Hiki Yoshikazu, a son of Hiki no Ama sent his daughter, Wakasa no Tubone to be Shogun Yoriie’s side wife and she birthed a baby, Ichiman.  As a result of this, Hiki family strengthen in the government as maternal father.

However a council system by 13 people was introduced in order to control young shogun’s dictatorship and Hiki family was declined thereafter. Kajiwara Kagetoki, a close adviser of shogunate also fell from power. 

Hojo Masako, a wife of Minamoto Yoritomo and her father Hojo Tokimasa planned to let Hiki family lose their position. Hojo Tokimasa asked Hiki family to come to his house by the reason of Buddhist ceremony and Hojo deceived to kill Hiki Yoshikazu.  Hiki family noticed Yoshikazu’s death and they barricaded themselves at Ichiman’s house, but they were also destroyed finally.