Iwadono kannon Shoboji temple

Iwadono Kannon (Shobo-ji temple) is the 10th temple of the Bando 33 Kannon Fudasho (Pilgrimage; temples where amulets are collected) It has become the focus of people's worship and formed a town around the temple. Minamoto no Yoritomo who was the founder of Kamakura shogunate and his wife Hojo Masako worshiped Iwadono Kannon deeply.
Going up the stone steps from the Deva gate, you can see Kannon Hall and an old big Ginkgo Tree in the precinct and an old bell tower stands.
In late autumn season, ginkgo leaves fall and spread to cover the entire precinct of the temple.
In the Heian period, Sakanoue no Tamuramaro dropped in Iwadono Kannon on the way to Oushu (northern part of Japan) in order to conquer its province and prayed for victory.