Sanjou Kokaji (Skilled Sword Craftman)

Sanjo Kokaji Munrchika was said as a skilled sword craftsman renowned in Heian period.
One day, Emperor Ichijo ordered Munechika to create an excellent sword. Munechika thought that no sword would be made without his partner striking alternately the body of the blade with a hammer.
Munechika visited to pray at the shrine for worship.
Just at that time, a noble little boy appeared to encourage and
suggested Munechika to prepare for making a sword without any anxiety and then he disappeared away.
When Munechika came back home to prepare a work procedure,
a disciple disguised by a fox (divine spirit) suddenly appeared to help Munechika to make an excellent sword "Kogitsune-maru" as a partner.
Kogitsune means a little fox.
A fox is believed as a servant of Kami (Japanese God).