Yoshimi Hyaku-Ana (100 caves)

Yoshimi Hyakuana (100 caves) is a cluster of ancient graves built from AC590 to AC690. Hyakuana means hundred caves. Compared with an ancient burial mounds located in Nara area, the required cost and labor for construction were largely reduced. Yoshimi Hyakuana was researched to find out 237 caves by Shogoro Tsuboi in 1888. He though these cluster of caves should be houses of korobokkuru, prehistorical aborigines.
However, the research studied that these caves would be tombs in Taisho period, about 100 years ago.
This place has been designated as a national historical monument.
At the end of the world warII, Yoshimi Hyakuana was rebuilt as munitions factory. As a result, there are 219 caves remained. 

Luminescent moss:
(Natural Monument)